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Birth of the carpentry Scherer in Weiskirchen

Matthias Scherer

He founded from small beginnings the carpentry Scherer in Weiskirchen and produced over many years quality doors and stairs.



Take-over of the company by his son Matthias Hugo Scherer and expansion into the field of interior fitting of pharmacies

Matthias Scherer

In the middle of the 50s, his son at the age of 38 and also called Matthias Scherer, took over the company and expanded into the field of pharmacy interiors.

With his never-resting ambition, his motivation and farsighted visions he produced a multitude of innovations, which are up to this day a major part of the product portfolio of KUNESA.

But not only the developments and inventions in the field of pharmacies were shaping the fortunes of KUNESA, Matthias Scherer was a passionate bee-keeper and instituted in the early years the branch “KUNESA beekeeping“ (Link to the website). Here he was able to realize his passion through the constant progressions of innovative products for the beekeepers, which are still today an important part of our company.



Introduction of the drawer system for pharmacies as well as many other inventions, which characterize our company until this day for its innovation capability and product spectrum

KUNESA drawer system

The invention of the drawer cabinet in the year 1968 led to the breakthrough and caused an unprecedented expansion of the company.

From that moment on the innovations and the subsequent developments didn’t slow down and the originally planned production facility for woodwork received divisions for tool-manufacturing, plastic injection moulding, PUR-hard-foam production, metalwork and offset-printing.

Thus Matthias Hugo Scherer blazed the trail for the company in the areas of organizing accessories for pharmacies, punch cards and order automats, lettering systems, thermoforming and a leading part in the ABDA-jack card system, which are the highlights of an extremely successful industrial era.



Development of the KLS (KUNESA-Logistic-System) – the very first fully automated robotic logistic system for pharmacies

Kunesa KLS
Kunesa KLS
Kunesa KLS
Kunesa KLS

In 1995 KUNESA presents the very first fully automated robotic logistic system for pharmacies during an exhibition in Hanover and produces in 1996 a fully automatic quality control system for Bilstein (world leader for shock-absorbers). ‚Method for optimizing volume storage of small packages in open areas‘, so the text reads in the patent specification and sets the foundation for the operation of many other automation systems. The KLS (KUNESA –Logistic-System) revolutionized stockpiling and thus prepared the basis for most modern sales concepts in pharmacies.

With the invention of the KLS the MediGliss slide, invented in 1971, enjoyed a huge popularity and is still often used for the vertical transport of merchandise and packages.



Felix Scherer takes over the reigns of the company in the third generation and opens new and innovative branches

Felix Scherer

From the year 2003 Felix Scherer manages the family enterprise meanwhile in the third generation. Since childhood he is rooted with the company and makes the most out his fondness for his trade as the head of the company. His goal is the development of new and innovative branches as well as the improvement of fitting concepts for pharmacies, offices and labs. The introduction of new furnishings for hotels, restaurants, spas and Wellness resulted in the successful extension of the traditional areas and are an increasing motor of success for KUNESA.



The diamond Master certificate for Matthias Hugo Scherer

Diamond Master certificate for Matthias Scherer

In 2008 Matthias H. Scherer receives on the occasion of his 60th Master anniversary the Diamond Master Certificate in recognition of his exemplary leadership.



Incorporation of the KUNESA LLC in the US-market

Kunesa LLC

In cooperation with our general manager Johannes M. Heine KUNESA LLC is well established in the north-american market since 2013. Already many resident pharmacists with quality claims have chosen our high-grade installations. The furniture are manufactured here in Germany, safely packaged in sea-freight containers, transported to any location in the US and then mounted expertly by our air-travelling expert fitters.



Entrance of Valerie Scherer, fourth generation, assisting in our marketing- und sales activities

Valerie Scherer

With the entrance of Valerie Scherer in the year 2014 the continuing tradition of the family owned enterprise in the fourth generation is ensured. With her assistance as sales and marketing manager KUNESA can look furthermore into the future.



Certified HGK-partner for interior fittings

HGK Qualitätslogo

As a competent partner for interior fittings KUNESA has been acknowledged since 2015 by HGK (Hotel- und Gastronomy-Agent eG) and we are presenting ourselves together with 8 industry relevant companies as HGK Interieur partner on the international market. With the founding of HGK Felix Scherer has established a successful foundation for this market segment and a new branch for KUNESA.



Winner of Top hotel Star Award 2017

Winner of Top hotel Star Award 2017

The best products for the hotel industry. Together with our partners of HGK Interior Design we look forward to the silver award. The readers have decided and elected the winners of the TOP HOTEL STAR AWARD 2017. On 19 March, Germany's most accredited hotel trade magazine awarded prizes in 14 categoriesfor the best products in the hotel industry. The award ceremony took place at the trade fair INTERNORGA in Hamburg.


Impressions from over 100 years KUNESA

Our traditional family company looks back on over 100 years of history. We are very proud of that.