Our service commitment

We don’t deliver off-the-shelf solutions, but rather look at each project
individually and from all sides.

During the entire project phase we support you with our planning and
development team.
They add personality to the ideas and construct a goal-oriented general concept from your needs and demands.

Our production and assembly teams guarantee a precise and professional implementation.
They give form to your ideas and turn a virtual image into a real experience for you.


At the beginning of every extraordinary implementation there is an idea.

There are almost no limits to your conceptual ideas and desires.

Only when function and aesthetics are aligned and you recognize yourself in them is our team ready for the next step.

Precise determination of needs, creative thinking, individual design, the economic success of our customers and consideration of the regulatory framework characterize our planning and development teams.

The idea is one thing – seeing is another. Our individual type of planning and the newest technical possibilities enable us to create realistic and atmospheric images and virtual walk-throughs, which let you feel that everything already exists.


Our core philosophy is based on doing it ourselves – instead of having it done by others.

In our family-owned and managed plant for wood, metal and plastic processing we combine traditional manufacturing art with the most modern production techniques.

We place high demands on ourselves, our work and our suppliers. For your products we only use carefully selected materials of the highest quality and durability, and which are able to withstand extreme stress. To achieve this we have built a modern machine park and the corresponding know-how in a wide variety of crafting areas. For the finishing touches we rely on the tried and tested traditional craftsmanship. 

Rigorous quality thinking, regular inspections and constant improvements represent for us basic requirements to manufacture innovative quality products that meet the highest standards.

Our team of craftsmen pulls out all the stops for your project – every single day.


Our carpenters start the journey with your new furnishings on time and ensure a reliable and professional final assembly.

All processes are DILIGENTLY prepared and professionally coordinated on site.

Assembly during an ongoing operation? With pleasure! We are specialists in integrating our day-to-day business into yours.

Ob Whether it is a new construction, renovation or modernization – you will be amazed by the result.


Convincing service is our work ethic.

After over 100 years we can state with confidence: “We come as contractors and leave as partner.“

And experience has shown that we could always put everything on this card: “We want you to recommend us.“

The wheat is separated from the chaff at the latest when it comes to service, especially when referring to customer enthusiasm. The pure functionality of a product or the proper flow of a service is in most cases assumed.

When we say goodbye to the customer, what is most important to us is your enthusiasm!