Drawer system

Since KUNESA invented the drug storage drawer system in 1967 we have constantly perfected it.

It\’s main advantages are the small footprint and resulting saving of valuable store space (which can be used to increase front-end shelf space and/or the creation of private consultation and diagnostic areas etc.), as well as its easy use and shortening of prescription cycle times.

Drawer carriage and running carriage of all KUNESA drawer systems are made of anodized aluminum and furnished with polyamide-covered and dustproof precision ball bearings. 3 different widths and 4 different depths with 2 possible ratchet heights allow to chose the optimal drawer cabinets for every situation. All KUNESA drawers are equipped with an integrated labeling system and include a standard selection of cross dividers. If desired we integrate a step drawer (max. load 265 pounds) into each individual column, so that the upper drawers can be reached easily. The look of our drawer cabinets can be as individual as the interior of the entire pharmacy. The pioneering container design KUNESA already offered in 1978 with its fully assembled delivery guarantees an easy and fast installation, while the single-unit construction provides maximum flexibility and variability regarding the positioning of the columns.

Individual layout:
Customized design possibilities according to the needs and wishes of our clients.

Flexible components:
Extremely adaptable by means of different depths and widths.

Fast mounting:
Fast mounting or disassembling when remodeling or moving.

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Organizing accessories

Tailored for the individual needs during your everyday salesday

These organizing elements for the professional equipment of our drawer systems ensure the highest variability for our clients.

Cross-dividers in different sizes.

Card-holders for various applications.

Lettering systems for frontplates.

Ordering cards with or without perforation and individual lettering.



Stylish transport of merchandise

The slide MediGliss for all kind of goods (also in a food safe version) is a KUNESA invention and development. The spirally winding element made from polyurethane hard-foam is available in 2 different diameters (23 & 16.7 in) and endlessly pluggable in the desired height. The elements are assembled through receptacles and have a catch on the top and a output base on the bottom if needed.

The surface is painted in white RAL 9003. To highlite and put the Medigliss especially in scene as a visual element in your pharmacy we offer a multitude of colours.